Our Impact

Our Impact

graduates become spiritual leaders in prison
  • Providing peer/mentor services to other inmates
  • Changing prison culture from within
  • Giving other inmates hope:
    • Assisting in suicide watch
    • Cell to cell encouragement
    • Help promote gang renunciation
  • Reducing prison violence
  • Bringing hope and purpose to the lives of inmates

Paid In Full Oregon (PIFO) is an Oregon non- profit organization that will oversee the program of educating and training inmates to become spiritual leaders throughout the prison system. PIFO will raise the funds necessary to financially support the program.


Corban University (CU) is a private accredited university in Salem, Oregon. It will provide professors for classroom instruction and mentorship of inmates accepted into this program.


Oregon Department of Corrections (ODOC) will partner with PIFO and CU to facilitate the program by recommending and approving inmates, providing classroom space and placing graduates throughout the prison system.